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Painting the tracery on Tower Bridge

A short video showing the specialist painting contractors applying a second coat of light blue paint on the west side of the bascule and black paint being applied to the tracery on the bridge balustrade.  Read More →

Sealing the joints on Tower Bridge

With the bascules fixed in the lowered position, specialist painting contractors have now removed the old paintwork and applied the white finish coat to the bascules and balustrade. This short video shows the contractors sealing the joints (caulking) and applying dark blue paint to the balustrade.  Read More →

Grit Blasting the Bascules

Specialist painting contractors are now grit blasting the Tower Bridge bascules, the ‘see-saw’ elements of the road which are raised for river vessels to pass through. Polythene wraps have been applied to the scaffolding, which prevents particles of paint or dust escaping into the natural environment. During the grit blasting process the particles are captured with special dust extraction... 

Painting the turnstiles on Tower Bridge

Specialist painting contractors are now restoring the South West Turnstile and the fencing surrounding the Control Cabin on the South Tower. The new paintwork, which has a life expectancy of 25 years, is essential to protect the steelwork and preserve the bridge for future generations.    Read More →

Abseilers under the Tower Bridge Walkways

A short video shot during one of the night-time bridge closures, showing abseilers working under the Walkways and the transfer of the ALPS Space Frame Platforms (cradles) from the East to the West Walkway.    Read More →

At night on Tower Bridge

A short video showing the two ALPS Space Frame Platforms under the West Walkway, specialist contractors moving the mobile elevating work platforms (speeded up) across Tower Bridge, painting under the arches, lowering one of the ALPS Space Frame Platforms, abseiler removing the defective paint work from a Corbel on the South Tower, scaffolding being dismantled  between the two Walkways and one of... 

The Tower Bridge Bascules

During the night-time bridge closures, the bascules were raised to facilitate the painting of areas inaccessible when the Bridge is in its down position. With this work now completed, scaffolding will be erected around the underside of the bascules from 2 November, this means that there will be no Bridge Lifts for vessels taking place until the end of March when the work is due to be completed.  Read More →

Tower Bridge on a Saturday night

Just before we set-up for the first night-time closure, we capture Tower Bridge and some party goers cruising on the River Thames. Follow us on Twitter and keep up-to-date with all the latest news, images and videos during restoration of Tower Bridge.  Read More →

Abseilers on Tower Bridge

A short video showing multi-disciplined high access technicians inspecting the stonework and pointing on the South Abutment Arch of Tower Bridge. Follow us on Twitter  Read More →

Views of the City from Tower Bridge

Stunning views of the City and the River Thames taken during the restoration of the Tower Bridge Walkways. The River Thames is Great Britain’s second longest river and stretches for 215 miles from its source in the Cotswold Hills to the open sea near Southend in Essex. Visit Tower Bridge Exhibition and enjoy stunning views of London from the high level walkways and experience the beautiful River...