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26th February 2009

Grit Blasting the South East Bridge Parapet   Blast Primer being applied to the South East Bridge Parapet   The South East Suspension Chain surrounded with scaffolding and Envirowraps   The South Tower The South Tower  Read More →

Grit Blasting and Blast Primer

This video clip from the 26th February 2009 shows the scaffolding and Envirowraps on the east side of the South Suspension Chain. Within the Envirowraps, one section of the South East Bridge Parapet is being Grit Blasted, whilst the other is receiving a coat of Blast Primer.  Read More →

26th November 2008

Part of the SW Chain, the old coatings have been removed and the Blast Primer applied, awaiting final clean down prior to the application of the High Build Aluminium Primer.   Bridge parapet detail in High Build Aluminium Primer. The South West Chain coated in High Build Aluminium Primer   Close up of the rivets   Upper surface of the South West Suspension chain coated in High Build Aluminium Primer   Bridge...