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Abseilers under the Tower Bridge Walkways

A short video shot during one of the night-time bridge closures, showing abseilers working under the Walkways and the transfer of the ALPS Space Frame Platforms (cradles) from the East to the West Walkway.    Read More →

Underneath the Arches of Tower Bridge

During the night-time road closures, specialist painting contractors continue repainting the Arches on the North and South Towers. Both of the ALPS Space Frame Platforms (cradles) have now been removed from the West Walkway. The South Tower Repainting the Arches on Tower Bridge Applying the blue finish coat on the South Arch Applying undercoat to the rivets under the South Arch  Read More →

Silver Cloud passes through raised Tower Bridge

The two Alloy Space Frame platforms (cradles) were moved to the centre of the East Walkway on Saturday night to allow the cruise ship, Silver Cloud to pass through the raised Tower Bridge. Alloy Space Frame platforms Two teams of 4 ALPS operatives carried out the platform traversing operation, which involved the removal of the four rear hangers, then propel the platform forwards using 2 hauling and... 

The cradles under the East Walkway

Both cradles have now been assembled and positioned under the East Walkway. Close-up of the second cradle under the East Walkway The two cradles under the East Walkway as seen from London Bridge  Read More →

Abseilers on Tower Bridge

During the night time bridge closures, abseiler Carl, positions the clamps for the cradles to the underside of the East Walkway and a second team of abseilers have been checking the pointing and stonework on the South Tower. Abseiler Karl, fitting the clamps for the cradles Abseiler Karl, fitting the clamps under the East Walkway Abseiler checking the pointing on the South Tower Abseilers checking...