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Grit Blasting the Bascules

Specialist painting contractors are now grit blasting the Tower Bridge bascules, the ‘see-saw’ elements of the road which are raised for river vessels to pass through. Polythene wraps have been applied to the scaffolding, which prevents particles of paint or dust escaping into the natural environment. During the grit blasting process the particles are captured with special dust extraction... 

Painting the turnstiles on Tower Bridge

Specialist painting contractors are now restoring the South West Turnstile and the fencing surrounding the Control Cabin on the South Tower. The new paintwork, which has a life expectancy of 25 years, is essential to protect the steelwork and preserve the bridge for future generations.    Read More →

Scaffolding the Tower Bridge Bascules

Work is now underway on erecting the scaffolding around the Tower Bridge bascules, the ‘see-saw’ elements of the road. This means that there will be no Bridge Lifts for vessels taking place until the end of March when the work is due to be completed. Images taken: 04/11/2010 The Bascules (looking north) Scaffolding being erected under the North Bascule Scaffolder Erecting the scaffolding... 

Needle Gun

This video clip from the 27th July 2010 shows a needle gun being used to remove defective coatings from around the rivet joints under the East Walkway. The needle gun uses an electrical current to rotate needles at varying speeds against the metallic surface to slowly chip away the numerous layers of paint and rust. Video by Harris Digital Productions  Read More →

Paint Analysis

The current ongoing restoration work on Tower Bridge involves the removal of all earlier layers of paint in order to ensure the complete adherence of the new paint. It was important to record the decorative history before all evidence was lost. Patrick Baty of Papers and Paints was tasked to carry out the paint research. (Watch Paint Analysis video) Samples of paint were taken and documentary and photographic... 

23rd October 2009

Scaffolding continues to be erected around the North West Suspension Chain and polyethylene sheeting is being applied to the short section of the Chain. Scaffolding on the North West Suspension Chain Scaffolding surrounds the short section of the North West Suspension Chain Special polyethylene sheeting (Envirowraps) being applied to the scaffold Polyethylene wraps being cut and positioned on... 

Painting the North East Land Tie

This video clip from the 5th August 2009 shows the white paint being sprayed on the North East Land Tie.  Read More →