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Views of the City from Tower Bridge

Stunning views of the City and the River Thames taken during the restoration of the Tower Bridge Walkways. The River Thames is Great Britain’s second longest river and stretches for 215 miles from its source in the Cotswold Hills to the open sea near Southend in Essex. Visit Tower Bridge Exhibition and enjoy stunning views of London from the high level walkways and experience the beautiful River... 

Tower Bridge Walkways

In 1910 the high level Walkways were closed to the public due to lack of use. People arriving on the bridge preferred to wait at street level for it to close rather then heading up the stairs carrying their heavy loads. In 1982, as part of the new Tower Bridge Exhibition, visitors to the bridge could once again enter the walkways, now fully covered, and experience the amazing panoramic views. The next... 

A view of the City from Tower Bridge

Views from the very top of the scaffolding that surrounds the North West Suspension Chain of Tower Bridge – taken 10th December 2009.  Read More →