Restoring the most famous
bridge in the world

Diary images

The Side Access Cradle

Side Access Platforms

42 metres above the River Thames, specailist contractors have erected Side Access Platforms to each side of the East Walkway.

Silver Cloud cruise ship under Tower Bridge - images by Harris Digital Productions

Silver Cloud passes through raised Tower Bridge

The two Alloy Space Frame platforms (cradles) were moved to the centre of the East Walkway on Saturday night to allow the cruise ship, Silver Cloud to pass through the raised Tower Bridge.

Images by Harris Digital Productions

The first cradle on Tower Bridge

The first cradle arrives by lorry, which is then assembled during the night and the early hours of the morning on Tower Bridge.

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Harris Digital Productions was commissioned by the City of London to record the restoration and repainting of Tower Bridge.  This website is dedicated to the restoration work which took place during 2008-2011.

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