Restoring the most famous
bridge in the world


Views of the City from Tower Bridge

Stunning views of the City and the River Thames taken during the restoration of the Tower Bridge Walkways. The River Thames is Great Britain’s second longest

Final touches to the Tower Bridge Walkways

This video shows specialist painting contractors applying the final touches to the West Walkway. The next stage of the restoration focuses on the bascules, the ‘see-saw’

Under the West Walkway of Tower Bridge

Inside one of the ALPS Space Frame platforms, specialist painting contractors are removing the defective Top Coat from under the West Walkway of Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge Bascule nosings

During the night-time road closures, specialist painting contractors removed the defective Top Coat and repainted the Bascule nosings with modified epoxy paint.

Working at night on Tower Bridge

A short video showing specialist contractors restoring and repainting the Tower Bridge Arches during the night-time closure. The new paintwork, which has a life expectancy of

Tower Bridge at night

A short video showing Tower Bridge at night and the two cradles. The Port of London Authority by-laws require that a bundle of straw by

Repainting the Walkways on Tower Bridge

A short video showing specialist painting contractors repainting the East Walkway on Tower Bridge.  Repainting the high-level walkways will take approximately five months to complete.

Needle Gun

This video clip from the 27th July 2010 shows a needle gun being used to remove defective coatings from around the rivet joints under the

About Us

Harris Digital Productions was commissioned by the City of London to record the restoration and repainting of Tower Bridge.  This website is dedicated to the restoration work which took place during 2008-2011.

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