Restoring the most famous
bridge in the world


Fitting the Envirowraps

This video clip from the 28th May 2009 shows the Envirowraps being fitted on the scaffolding surrounding the North East Suspension Chain.

Painting the shield

This video clip from the 22nd April 2009 shows Ian, painting the shield on the South East Bridge Parapet of Tower Bridge.

Removing graffiti from the handrail

This video clip from the 22nd April 2009 shows Alan, removing graffiti from the handrail of Tower Bridge. A plastic sheet below the handrail prevents

Grit Blasting and Blast Primer

This video clip from the 26th February 2009 shows the scaffolding and Envirowraps on the east side of the South Suspension Chain. Within the Envirowraps,


A video showing the Envirowraps being fixed to the scaffolding on the 30th January 2009 – Learn more about the Envirowraps being used on Tower

Scaffolding gets underway

Industrial painting contractors have started to erect scaffolding around the South West Suspension Chain of Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge

This video clip from the 23rd June 2008 shows Tower Bridge from Queens Walk (south side) before restoration work begins.

About Us

Harris Digital Productions was commissioned by the City of London to record the restoration and repainting of Tower Bridge.  This website is dedicated to the restoration work which took place during 2008-2011.

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